April 11 & 12, 2015 – 9am – 6pm
Friends of Horses, Centennial, CO

Reach Out to Horses is the most unique and comprehensive equine training program in the world. During this full, hands-on, info-packed 2-days, you will find out why.

Anna will introduce you to some of the most important elements in creating a bombproof equine partner through genuine trust-based training methods. Get the results you’ve always wanted but haven’t necessarily been able to achieve.
Click here to sign up. You will be redirected to the Reach Out to Horses event page. Scroll to the bottom of the page for payment options. The cost is $350 for the entire weekend. Auditor tickets are also available.

Saturday: T.L.C. and Spook-Busting In-Hand

First she will take you through the benefits of her exclusive Trust-Based Leadership and Compassionate Communication (T.L.C.) practice. Say goodbye to frustration, struggle, confusion, misunderstanding, flaring tempers, fear and anxiety for both you and your horse. Instead, welcome to a new way of thinking, a new way of being, a new way of horsemanship.

With just a little T.L.C., you can set your horse up for success and achieve that connection of grace and ease you’ve always imagined.

Using Anna’s TLC methods you will explore:

  • Understanding the importance of intimacy and relaxation exercises and how to use them correctly
  • Overcoming your horse’s challenging habits and behavior patterns
  • Preparing your young horse for his first saddle, bridle and rider
  • Desensitizing your horse to common situations and tack
  • Preparing your horse for doctoring and medical examinations/emergencies
  • Earning your horse’s trust and learning how to continue to gain and build that trust
  • Reading your horse’s mood, personality, character, likes & dislikes, and more
  • Creating a toolbox to foster that perfect connection on a daily basis
  • And much more!

The Art of Stress-Free Spook-Busting
From there, after lunch, you will build on the skills you learned in the morning to learn the art of “spook-busting”. These techniques are designed for anyone and for every horse.  From working with a green horse to trail riding and show ring activities, right through to working with the well-seasoned dressage horse, show-jumper, western pleasure or in general performance; you will find the solutions you need here.

And the best part… it is all done without stress, fear, dominance, flooding or anxiety.

As your horse’s partner, Anna will show you how to help you work with your horse, gaining trust while making your horse bomb-proof!

You will learn how to:

  • Desensitize your horse to virtually anything
  • Become creative with spook-busting instruments like streamers, pan lids, sparklers, horns, fans, silly string, balls and more.
  • Replace fear, concern and stress (bolting, rearing, bucking, balking & spinning) with confidence, calmness and comfort.
  • Create a genuine partnership with your horse
  • Use steps for “flagging” your horse without flooding.
  • Delve deeper, exploring practices vital to true horsemanship
  • And much, much more…

Regardless of your equine ability or pursuit, you will develop tools you can use on all ages and breeds to understand your horse, establish a partnership based on unity and trust and finally enjoy a relationship with your horse that you’ve only imaged possible.

Sunday: Overcoming Obstacles In-Hand and In the Saddle

We aren’t going to waste any time. On the second day you are “jumping into the deep end” of equine communication as Anna shares one of her secrets to learning the language of Equus, connecting with your horse, and having a whole lot of fun in the process.  You will learn the use of the obstacle course, an extremely valuable but rarely applied tool. Working in an obstacle course is a safe and effective way to familiarize yourself and your horse with the challenges of the trail or arena before riding. Anna developed the Obstacle Course over 15 years ago, and since then thousands of her students from all over the world have worked with the course for myriad uses.

You will learn how to apply this safe and effective training approach to solve all sorts of problems and determine your horse’s learning style.  From preparing horses for the trail, engaging school and therapeutic riding horses, through to establishing a communication system with performance horses and even honoring the needs of the retirees, Anna will show you how to read the subtleties of your horse’s body language, direct your horse without touching him, as well as understand just how horses reflect your true authenticity.

Anna will show you how to not only give your horse a voice, but, just as imperative, also understand what he is saying.

Then you’ll do it again, except this time from the saddle! You will discover how all that you learned for the entire day applies to your riding and how it can make you more responsive, give you more clarity in your communication, and make you a better, more sure rider.

If you are interested in creating or strengthening that genuine partnership join Anna for a weekend of fun and freedom with your horse.