Colt Starting 2013

The Colt Starting Challenge was very educational…and a lot of fun!

colt starting 2Four natural horsemanship trainers were paired with a colt to see what they could do with an unbroke colt over the course of a few hours. Our colt won!

Check out our Facebook page for more pictures and videos of the winning ride through an obstacle course!

COLT STARTING CHALLENGE USA – FOHRAA has two horses entered!
Fri July 19 & Sat July 20, 2013
6pM TO 9PM Friday; 12pm to 4pm Saturday
$15 per person; kids 12 & under $10 6 and under free
Jefferson County Fairgrounds indoor arena, Golden, Colorado


colt startingWhat is a Natural Horsemanship Colt Starting Challenge?
This is a two day event performed in front of an audience. On both days, two round pens are set up in an arena. An unbroke horse is placed in each round pen. Each round pen
consists of eleven 12 foot panels. The horses must have never been saddled, bridled, had a blanket on their back, nor ever been ridden. Contestants compete to tame and ride their horse using Natural Horsemanship methods. They have 2 hours the first day with a half hour break in between. On the  second day they have two 45 minute sessions to work their horse in the round pen. Then each rider has 20 minutes to ride their horse thru an obstacle course in the arena. The Judges decide the Winner. Prize money to be awarded.