Adopt a Horse

Bill and G-ManWe have so many fantastic horses that just need a little love. We rescue horses from the killer-sales and accept other rescued horses from owners that are unable to care for them.

After Niche was registered with the Jockey Club she was sold to a hunter-jumper barn and suffered an injury from being cast. They tried to sell her for $300 unsuccessfully, as they said she would have to be put out to pasture for a year to heal. She ended up at the killer-sale. FOHRAA rescued her and immediately called the prospective owner that was looking for a horse. “She is way too big, and way too young” she said, but they bonded. This almost 17 hand horse is willingly learning to be a dressage horse, that loves to jump and will cut barrels like the best of the quarter horses! It’s like watching a Winnebago turn a tight corner, but she does it like the best of them! By the way, Niche has never had a lame step since she arrived at FOHRAA.

This is just one of many great stories.

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There are so many touching stories, and we often hear that this is cheaper (and more beneficial) than psychotherapy! We have a great community – from the very young to the 80-year-old that still gets his horse out. Watching that is simply remarkable… a bond that cannot be broken. There is something about the smell of manure, the touch of a horse and having a 1200 pound animal follow you around like a puppy dog!