About us

Friends of Horses Rescue and Adoption (FOHRAA), is a 501 C 3 non-profit charitable organization located in Centennial, Colorado since 2001.  FOHRAA is dedicated to rescuing good horses and adopting them to good homes, therapeutic riding and community service. With over 150 horses currently being cared for, FOHRAA is not a “typical” rescue”.  We offer a full service riding facility, with indoor and outdoor arenas, therapeutic riding, riding lessons in all disciplines and at all levels, and access to Cherry Creek State Park for the more advanced riders. In addition to horse adoption, we also offer the option to lease a horse on a monthly basis and private boarding.

FOHRAA has a strong therapeutic riding program. Our gentle horses and experienced instructors provide equine-based activities for a variety of disabilities for children and adults.

Many of our horses came from loving homes that were no longer able to care for them.  They’re GREAT horses! FOHRAA places many foals and horses into adoptive, loving homes. Over the past decade, a number of very good horses have met their fate by way of the slaughterhouse. FOHRAA gives an option to those individuals who might otherwise send their horses to killer markets. It also helps rescued racehorses, neglected horses and other horses at risk. In the last year, FOHRAA has placed over 1,000 horses into adoptive homes.  Adoption fees generally range from $500 to $2,500. On occasion we come across horses that have more value and will be adopted at their value.  Proceeds from the adoptions help fund the tremendous costs FOHRAA incurs to feed, vaccinate, house, vet and find homes for such a large number of horses.

The Friends of Horses Rescue and Adoption was started by Bill Stiffler after he received numerous telephone calls over the years from families looking for good homes for their horses. After funding the operation himself, he started the non-profit group Friends of Horses Rescue and Adoption Foundation (FOHRAA) in 2002.  FOHRAA rescues, rehabilitates and places horses into adoptive homes, including retired racehorses, sound pleasure horses, companion horses. Most are grade type, although some are registered purebreds. Since formalizing FOHRAA, much of the rescue’s work has focused on saving horses from the brutal death of slaughterhouses, where their meat is often exported to Europe and Japan for human consumption. Bill Stiffler originally had five locations where they would keep these horse rescues. In 2002, they began leasing the north side of the current location from the El Jebel Stables. When they moved here they were able to keep all the horses in the same location, which made the dream a reality. Eventually, in April of 2004, Greensprings Christian Fellowship Church purchased the full lot when El Jebel was going out of business and offered it to Friends of Horses.

FOHRAA also provides community service opportunities for the court system. For some, this basic vocational training. We appreciate their help and support.

Board of Directors and Management

Bill Stiffler

Bill Stiffler
Executive Director





Nelson Montano


Nelson Montano
Barn Manager
Nelson was born in Cuba and was a Licensed Vet Tech in Miami, Florida, working in the Race Horse Industry before coming to Colorado. Nelson will be featured on the Discovery Channel’s Animal Planet “Dr. Jeff: Rocky Mountain Vet” later this spring.



Our Mission:
Friends of Horses Rescue and Adoption (FOHRAA), is a 501 C 3 non-profit charitable organization located in Centennial, Colorado since 2001.  FOHRAA is dedicated to community service, therapeutic riding and providing a humane alternative for abandoned, abused, unwanted, neglected or slaughter-bound horses.

Our Purpose:

  • Protecting and rehabilitating horses that have been confiscated, abused, neglected or abandoned.
  • Promoting and enhancing public awareness through education, interaction and training of equines.
  • Providing hands-on education for volunteers, interaction and human rehabilitation with horses through community service.
  • Promoting equine therapeutic riding programs and research.
  • Promoting responsible equine and livestock ownership.